Year in Review: A look back at the stories that made 2018


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Music hello and welcome to year in review a chance to look back at 2018 s biggest news stories joining me for the program are the editor of The Times Literary Supplement Stig Abel the Evening Standard columnist and comedian Asia has a weaker the sun political editor Tom Newton done and last but not least journalist and documentary maker Jenny Clayman welcome to all of you so in the next hour then we take you through our guest choices for the year greatest heroes it wickedest villains and do some crystal ball gazing as to what could happen in 2019 but before all of that we start with our panelists picks for the story of the year and Tom we start with you you have chosen one that is very much unfinished and still unfolding its success being a Westminster washer and terrible Westminster boy it would have to be of course so brexit has as we know consumed everything in Westminster it been almost the only story it been actually and as we speak now the only thing the British government is doing everything else has now being parked since mid december we slipped into the No Deal