Instagram Algorithm EXPLAINED!!! (2019)


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what is good my friends welcome to this week social media Monday today topic is specifically the Instagram algorithm and what the hell it is and what it does so I gonna dive into what the algorithm does why it there its purpose and how it should shift the way you think and approach Instagram and also it gonna educate you on why you shown specific things and how that all strategic and all by design because nothing by accident by these juggernauts they doing everything is a chess move that they want trying to generate more revenue from you so let me tell you exactly about what did Instagram algorithm is what it was and why it does what it does so let get into it let talk about the Instagram algorithm let do it do it just do it so as mentioned in my video about social media algorithms as a whole in the early stage of Instagram its purpose was to create users so it would share people content far more organically it was far easier to grow a page because that was what the platform was trying to do was to build a user base that