How to Add a Fast and Free Proxy to Google Chrome Web Browser


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Music okay in this video I gonna show you here you can add a free and fast proxy to Google Chrome web browser now for this method I going to open up Chrome and then I going to type in hala which is a free Braves proxy you can use so once the search results come up you want to click on the second option which is unlimited free VPN hulloh Google web store so click on the Google web store then you want to click on add to Chrome up here in the top right then you want to click add extension this usually takes around 30 seconds or be patient ok once it been added to your Google web browser you can see a little icon up here that in the shape of a flame scored unlimited free VPN from hala so next example I going to do is go to a website so say for example I go to youtube click on YouTube if I wanted to change my physical location for example I in the UK I can then click on the little flame icon it gives me a couple of options here I can either