Perplexing Pixels: Sleeping Dogs (PS3) (commentary/review) Ep17


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accordingly yes I am trying to buy shit on PayPal over well I don think y thing you needed more beggars hey I need plenty worth a nice overview what do we play Sleeping Dogs I hate dogs dogs are very there aren any dogs in the game it just call City knows if anything to do with reservoir no no no interest it an it it like GTA but it in Hampi is with GTA Oh with GT bomber has to play GTA Grand Theft Auto yes you know let play that we get to it eventually relax what a waste I put it on this plays alert ok I saying now you in Hong Kong never been hang on what the fuck is this thing to each other I used to Xbox why the hell would you trick me because dirty asshole because this game was free for me so yeah free cheap motherfucker I gonna punch a punch yeah yeah cool I broke the window hey come here how the caucus oh I kind of heard you broke his ass home I don know what I doing you didn tell me no buns it kind of works