Hugh Newman: Earth Grids - The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites FULL LECTURE


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good morning ladies and gentlemen well have you all had it those that were here yesterday I hope you had a good sleep and good rest cuz you in for the long haul again today welcome back and welcome to the our new visitors today that weren here today he is certainly in our for a treat because today we are going to sort of end each speaker will take today to another higher level and really end on a climax and I looking forward to each and every one of our speakers here and our guests today so I was very special occasion megalith Romania South Africa Johannesburg 13th of March 2011 the conclusion of what we started of planting the seeds of higher consciousness and and the expansion of knowledge so to introduce our first speaker in our guest today as you may have noticed from our program we changed the format a little bit to continue his phenomenal research and fabulous information that I absolutely love Hugh Newman about the American ancient American civilizations the Olmecs and all the cultures associated around those American civilizations so please put your hand together for the conclusion of you Newman