English Vs American Parents


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oh okay well I don change nappies I change diapers so if it nappy you can do it can you grab my jumper from the bonnet and put it in the food I can grab your sweatshirt from the hood and put it in the trunk you calling a dummy Oh No yeah we don we say hello we got me that me a living no no no no no from the show sprinkle father know his baby grow has hundreds and thousands what the coach thanks as well yes they both strollers no question crying he too young for this stroller who Jim needs to be in this stroller man these are crisps he a little pussy oh you mean grizzly is the cottage fascinated by Z basket Moses basket is the Crypt where the hummus it was the hummus hummus this turn signal indicator oh there a spot in that parking lot this is space in that compound fussing oh I forgot my fanny pack it a bum bag bag you know the funny means front binding good well then I gonna go get my friend backpack is it quite the curve isn my sister Esther is it