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a restaurant owner in South Carolina trying to keep her business kovat free with inflatable dolls here it is in her own words we were barely breaking even and it was very hard to pay your rent after 60 something years in business we just felt like we had to do everything in our power to make it work we once a week have somebody come in and sanitize the restaurant with a fogger we scrape all of our silverware down with alcohol in our social distancing we placed blowup dolls I said you know I gonna dress them up nicely I gonna make people smile we ended up ordering them from Amazon and they didn cost us but about a hundred and forty dollars for ten of him the men weren less expensive than the women the women makeup is much prettier I went and borrowed some wigs and put my own clothes on some of the men are very small so I put my grandson clothes on the men it been four weeks now that we been open and the place has been packed I mean I have never seen so much business on a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday