Famous Footwear Prank Call


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thank you for following famous footwear cousin speaking how can I help you yo yo yo what crackin dog is this is ricky ricky francisco proud to be it and i had a question to ask you about feet ok ok i was looking on the website you know and i was looking all these sprays that you can spray in your feet and i have athlete foot a bad case of it and i was wondering what kind of product i should use there a secret balls and i believe there the pray that we have here about it I talking about for my feet though I mean they got like fungus spores all over him i need like something to go dress the on my feet not in my shoes my shoes isn the problem you know you need to go to join read just a little have a product my what go to where the pharmacy i don know who out there a pharmacy my doctor i ah that no famous footwear don they know about feet I mean don they have any products to hear my yo sis what disagree what it not funny I have