End Credits LIVE: The Bancroft Brothers


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to start asking the Bancroft brothers your burning questions and get gifts we also have a microphone down front right there so there will be a portion where we hopefully will get a few people up to ask some questions indeed so while we do that we could do some drawings too right yeah absolutely go ahead and do some drawings boys so we giving away tonight poster signed by both Bancroft brothers and they were so nice to provide this the art of Disney dragons I wrote the introduction for that and there some my Lucci drawing yes and it signed Tim Hortons you said you weren gonna do that yeah that was my last one yeah so I was going to talk to you guys about failure but you covered it so well tonight speaker I could talk more about 25 years oh I know just because the last time we were here we did bring up you guys when when somebody had asked a question and my immediate response was how have you listened to that episode of the Bancroft brothers podcast has anybody here heard that particular episode again yeah you allowed to cheer your comment