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Hero 28 is rolling into the lineup in today's Developer Update. I'm Jeff from the Overwatch team. I'm very excited to introduce to you Wrecking Ball. Now, you might be wondering who Wrecking Ball is, so we should talk about the little guy's background a little bit. So, on the Horizon Lunar Colony, we already know that experimentation was happening with animals, which led to our favorite talking gorilla Winston being not only highly intelligent but able to communicate with us human beings. On the side, they were doing experimentation with other animals as well, and Hammond, who is a hamster, ended up growing not only quite large, but also gaining a lot of intelligence himself. Now, when the apes of the Lunar Colony went crazy and revolted and attacked the scientists there, we know that Winston escaped. But what we're going to learn is that Hammond hitched a ride in an escape pod along with Winston off of the moon. Now, as they were hurtling towards planet Earth, Hammond's pod broke off and landed in a different location. We know that Winston ended up landing at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, where he set up his home base, but Hammond landed on the outskirts of Junkertown in Australia.