The Incredible Reusable Microfiber Floor Mop by Advenfit Review


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what happening panting they should be to run panda here I needed a mop clean up the house so I got this it from Advent fit advent fit it a high grade mop here and you know it seemed like it was kind of like a slipper and so I thought why not try this little bad boy out because save myself some money see if they better than the generic things I using right now open up the top here taped up got my nice trusty box for dinner with you on that by the way and here is all the pieces of it so it does come with quite a bit of stuff here and I will say that comes with it like three three ma pipette what is installed and then two extra ones here and they actually seemed like a terry cloth towel you can see here they about the size of a sheet of paper maybe a little larger and then we have a bright neon green on the side and white and red on this side now this side is almost just like a microfiber or terrycloth towel and I say that because this