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yes so the Quran has left no loopholes and the Quran also has not given the chance to someone or for someone to say continue oppressing him because he will continue forgiving no problem do you know there is a story where there were three very pious people in the Masjid and there was one youngster so the youngster was told you know those people are very pious the one in the left is still young the one in the middle is more pious than him and the one in the right is extremely pious so he said how can I know the difference between he who is pious and he who is not biased so the youngster was told well they concentrate they concentrate a lot so he said all right let me see he went to the first one Salam alaikum no response he was involved this man was involved in his dhikr and recitation of the Quran no response so this youngster decided to give him one clap on his face so the poor pious person got one clap on his face and as though nothing had happened he continued reciting now the man says yes truly