Black Arts Toneworks Fnord Fuzz Pedal Demo HD / Part 1


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Summary (generated by robot):

what up everybody Nick here do another petal demo video and this time it is a brand new petal from one of my favorite companies black art stone works and it called the floored fuzz and they were cool enough to send this to me and from the moment I plugged in and I was just blown away without this thing sounds I been a longtime fan of their stuff you know my pharoahe fuzz was one of my favorite fuzz pedals of all time and the fiord fuzz is something completely different it it really really cool and unique I never heard another fuzz quite like it it it got a slight octave up effect you know real real subtle though you not talking about like the you know screaming octavio octave up but just a real real subtle octave up it also has almost a little bit the glitchyness that you might find in something like a fuzz factory but not as extreme and you also don have any as many knobs and control it so it a little bit simpler but it also got like the fatness and warmth of like one of the best big muffs