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pressure chess time reach level three and she thinks she rich what a noob they make up a non newtonian fluid which is liquid but solid under the percussive action of the speaker that what makes it get all funky okay no that what she said Sheldon I bought the game and I been exploring the island of tortoise but I can figure out how to get past the guard captain do you have the enchanted sword no no I have a bronze dagger you can slay the guard captain with a bronze dagger My Lord is like the car key in your apartment door all over again well have you been to the temple of Mitra is that the place in the hill with the weird priest and friend no no it for God sakes get me thank you I really appreciate this he gonna have to learn to do these things for yourself penny don patronize me just get the sword what the French eats me they were playing all last night too it like some kind of weird comic book crossover like if Hulk we dating peppermint patty I always thought peppermint patty was a lesbian well