Shooting Tilt Shift Portraits with Lou Freeman


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gorgeous and I think maybe the no just tip your head for me that way just a touch bring your chin down towards me good smile just with your eyes absolutely beautiful awesome alright let have some fun can you guys put the tilt shift on for me so I like to change things up I shoot you know 10 15 pictures that I think are great and then I like okay let do some different so some of you might have the Lensbaby I usually use a lens baby and try to work around f 8 if I can because the challenge is keeping the focus sharp a lot of people like to shoot you know Emily likes to shoot with wide open 85 I can do that I can control how many shots I gonna get in focus because the girl could do this and it might not be in focus Emily 20 I guess in her vision is better than mine I can my jobs I could never take that risk so my fashion shots are usually shot around f 8 and then the person can move most of my clients were happier to have the movement