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hey everybody this is Jeff with the overwatch team this is a really exciting developer update to be doing because I feel like we have some really great news for you we running an open beta it been something that been requested time and time again from everyone from everybody I think it important to go into why were we running this open beta so when we started the overwatch beta process we had talked about really wanted to keep the beta small and run a traditional closed beta for testing purposes it helped us with the balance of the game design decisions that we were making it allowed us to do radical changes without freaking out a whole big community and it allowed us to grow our server infrastructure in a really healthy sort of slow growth sort of way but we got a lot of feedback from people saying you know I need to be able to try this game and a lot of people and I agree with this because I like this myself a lot of people felt like you know I don necessarily want to buy the game until I had a chance to try