How to Remove the Packaging From A Socket Bit


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I buy a lot of these performance tool sockets you can get these on Amazon or probably at a local retailer for maybe a little bit less than Amazon price like a lot of these kind of tools that are sold individually they have this packaging on them which is usually part of the security product security feature so that people don steal them too easily getting these off is always a challenge a lot of swearing sometimes I go at them with a pair of needle nose pliers and five minutes later I usually get the packaging off but there is an easy way to get this packaging removed if you look very closely here you can see there is a little graphic it says cut it pointing right here and then there directions closed and open so what I going to do is I going to cut this off with my side cutters on both sides I going to rotate it the direction that says open I going to pull and pull it off just like that that is how you remove packaging from a socket