Olmec Origins: The Mystery of Mexico's Megalith Builders - Hugh Newman


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you okay thank you very much Julian can we just dim the side lights please if you can hear me so thanks very much for coming to our forth origins conference we been doing this for a good few years now obviously this came from the questioning conference combined with a conference I organized in called mega Luther mania which we do in Glastonbury every May obviously I 100 obsessed by megaliths but I also realized that I am Olmec as well because this is a t shirt and a hashtag that you should use a lot if you do anything I make a lot of people say I look like an Olmec which is which is I take as a compliment nowadays I didn before but I do now so it all okay so the Olmec are a really interesting culture I been to Mexico three or four times spent a total of about eight months there exploring the different cultures there but the one that really grabbed my attention from very at the very early times back in 2003 even was this culture and there these were a coach and that were there before the Maya long before