Jikuu Boukenki Zentrix #01 - The City of Zentrix


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Summary (generated by robot):

this is the city of Zen tricks where people live side by side with their friendly highly intelligent robots peacefully as you see people go about their daily business while robots do the hard and tedious work for of course breakthrough discoveries and biochips contributed immensely to the development of these intelligent robots later on dr works zentrum advanced biochip gave robots thought and consciousness our main computer that controls everything in this city is powered by six of these advanced thinking bio chips that powerful robot is called only corn side I am Emperor Jerrod and this is my statue that people have built in my honor I must share this honor with both dr Rourke and on the corn side without them I could not have achieved what we have today please visit us on the 107th floor and be the first to see our new spring fashions with autumn aware fabrics my teenage daughter Megan is the light of my life she beautiful smart and crazy about all the things teenagers love as well as her pet mango did I mention she also a great snowboarder let just see what you think about this here mine now