SCAM Beware!!!! on Facebook


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greetings out there YouTube land this is Morris man as always I think you guys coming to my channel today I going to post against a consumer awareness video I was just on Facebook and I really on fake Facebook these days for this reason the majority of the time I on Facebook is mainly to interact with family members that I haven seen in the water that out of the state and I did perhaps the country so it nice that a nice vehicle to stay in touch with those individuals you know but for the most part what I seen it just my opinion people posting juvenile video stupid videos challenges videos one video I seen if somebody sent this to me and the person that certain is about my age like why are you sending me this garbage or posting it on my wall or whatever you call it it was a video of this lady letting the dog lick her in the face and she had mouth open tongue kissing this dunk like why do I need to see this garbage you know but I you know I don know why people do what they do