Quantum Matter Lecture 10


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okay welcome back we going to go through an example a question from the 2019 exam in this course there were two questions in the exam you had two hours to do it I gonna go through the first question which has to do with bosonic superfluids and Ginsburg Landau theory and other related topics and I go through it somewhat briefly some of the questions are very very closely related to homework questions so you know I probably sketch them because you have chances to do them on the homework and to ask the teaching assistant about them but anyway so here we go question one for Marx give a definition of boas common oh and you can download the the exam from the web incidentally if you don already know that might be useful to do that follow along but I write out the questions here so you be able to see them okay question one give a definition of both condensation and explain how it differs from superfluidity okay so a minimal answer which is a reasonably minimal answer is the following suppose condensation AEC is macroscopic occupancy of a single items single orbital of a single