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hey everyone welcome to the beta this is Jeff Kaplan I one of the guys from the overwatch team we extremely excited that the beta is finally starting and I know you guys are too so we wanted to do a video to talk a little bit about the the beta and if this is successful and it the kind of thing you guys like and want more of we definitely do more of these because we want to tell you exactly what the development team is looking for so you can be engaged with the game and be a big part of the community and the development of the game you know we not we not yet there to launch and the purpose of the beta is to get us in a really good space for launch so talking about the beta a little bit it what I like to call a traditional beta or a more old school beta meaning there probably going to be some bugs and some rough edges and we really wanting to focus that on a smaller group of testers we not looking to get as many people into the beta as possible I