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hey everyone Jeff from the overwatch team here the time is upon us we finally get to talk about hero 32 I know hero 32 is the thing that you all are the most excited about and we can wait to give you all the details so as you know by now her name is echo and echo is that extremely cool looking robot and we should talk about her backstory a little bit so early on in the days before overwatch existed there was a doctor by the name of Mina liao and she was from Singapore and she was a leading expert in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence and she joined the aamna corporation and helped create the race of robots known as omnis this was one of the early things that she did and she was extremely successful at it now when the omniquad I do did I contribute to this you know how can I help make this better and she was shocked when overwatch approached her and said we want you to join as one of our earliest members of overwatch to help us handle this aamna crisis and she was wondering well