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Music fit viewers welcome to my kitchen again and I going to talk to you today about the Dirty Dozen and the clean fifteen so you look through my fridge in the last one of the last videos and we talked to you saw the variety of different vegetables in my fridge and I wanted to talk about what why we have to go organic with our food and why it is quite important but I appreciate that you know we can go organic with everything so that is why the environment working group it the body which actually talks about all changes every year what is clean to eat and what I mean by that it got the least amount of pesticides are and what vegetables don have are dirty which have the most amount of pesticides up so that that actually changes year on year but what we have to think about is what we can eat and what I provide from a cheaper version to what I need to buy which is going to be pure because the Dirty Dozen those pesticides will then go into your body and then they are actually they can have harmful