Masha's Spooky Stories - Troubled fable about a kitten who was lost but found (Episode 4)


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Music Masha spooky stories my darling have you ever been afraid of getting lost somewhere I not always been afraid of getting lost but once I got lost and then I had to stir the cutest kitten and so once upon a time an ordinary kitten lives in a house he was not one of a character or something special but the only thing was whenever he needed to leave his house he got lost in a moment she would jump up into the streets it scratches her on the ground or have a little run and then he wouldn have a clue as to where he was she would crawl under a bench or into a corner and stay sitting there scared to death everything was unfamiliar and he had no idea where his house was and he wished he was by his owners side back in his home again it was getting dark many buildings were surrounding him an arrogant dogs were being walked asking them something was so frightening so no matter if it was a cat or a dog passing by they didn notice a kitten they were completely lost in their own thoughts and wishes