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Welcome to another Developer Update. I'm Jeff, from the Overwatch Team. We've taken you to a lot of places in Overwatch. We've taken you to King's Row and Ilios and Hollywood. But today we're taking you someplace very exciting. To the moon. So, we've heard a lot of requests for more maps and more story and we're very excited to bring you the Horizon Lunar Colony because we feel like we're delivering on two promises there. 1. It's another great Assault map. And we really felt like the game needed another Assault map. We're playing around with some really fun elements in this Assault map. For example, both the attackers and defenders, on the first point that you're trying to capture, will have some interesting high ground options. Now it's not the world's best high ground for the attackers. But there are some good situations that we think heroes, like Widowmaker, will have some some definite good opportunities with the high ground there. We also are trying some different things on the latter point of the map as well. There's a really neat high ground approach and defender high ground scenario that you can set up, on that Point B.