Space Marine Adventures Review


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Applause everybody welcome to drive to review 630 today we take a look at Space Marine adventures this is a new game coming from Games Workshop probably only available in a Barnes Noble depending on which country you live so it not gonna be readily available in various stores that you probably be used to buying board games in but maybe that change in the next few months I not really sure so but the game as it is indicated by its title is a venture game it a co op solo to co op adventure game with Space Marines from various different space brain chapters so you be going through kind of an AI driven by a deck of cards maneuvering through a labyrinth of nekron warriors and immortals and all kinds of good stuff and fighting through there and doing different objectives based on kind of the scenario and stuff and there even like kind of a mini campaign so let take a look at how the mxc works it very very simple but let jump in and take a look at how it works then I tell you what I think okay so here you can see