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hey everyone this is Jeff from the overwatch development team here with another dev update for you this one is less of an update and more of a thank you to be honest as many of you know by now we announced the date that we shutting down our closed beta that date is going to be April 25th and I just wanted to express a sincere thanks on behalf of the development team and everyone here at Blizzard for how much you all have contributed to making overwatch great and really getting it ready for the launch as you guys know it been a very long journey there been a lot of awesome discussion along the way ways to make the game better I hope that you really seen and felt how much we integrated your feedback into the game obviously all of us that work here at Blizzard pour our heart and soul into everything that we do we really passionate about making games we really passionate about creating fun experiences for people but it been just simply amazing how much you guys have contributed to the project as well you had so many really brilliant ideas you