How to Give a Face Massage with Licensed Massage Therapist Melisa Brown


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on behalf of TV lesson calm my name is Melissa brown licensed massage therapist you can find me you need a massage dot us we going to be giving a face massage I starting out very gently staying hello to the face I not putting much pressure at all but I have both of my hands in a V like position with my thumbs I just pressing and bringing to the side pressing very lightly and then I circulating doing circular motion sorry here on the side of each temple and I going all the way around you can feel where your edges are all the way around this is wonderful for headaches this is wonderful for just facials I using very light pressure you gonna see that the skin starts changing right away it starts getting red I using three points the bottom of the nose the middle of the nose and the top of the nose so from the bottom of the nose I just going to go around following the cheekbone around and then I going a circular motion up around the temples then I going to the middle of the nose pressing down coming around again