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hey everybody this is Jeff from the overwatch team I really excited to be here doing another one of these developer updates and we gonna try something different this time we decided to look at what the community was talking about and sort of seek out what hot topics were out there and try to address a bunch of those so you guys can have some answers directly from the dev team to know what was on our mind so one of the top things that always comes up that people want to know about is what going to happen with overwatch post launch in terms of additional heroes and maps so there been some worry and concern about this as you guys know we really excited about the 21 heroes that are in the game we feel like they playing really well right now they balanced it they fun they very unique characters and we really proud of those characters but we have ideas for additional maps and heroes that we like to add to the game so we we thought about this and we decided the best way to add them to the game is to patch them