(Review)Dart zone scorpion


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hello there are learner reksai nice and this is rank it 96 here with another nerf review this is not a veiner classroom but this is of the dark zone scorpion it is a belt fed turret style blaster that is decently small nothing definitely has its place in the nerf world so essa it is a belt fed blaster so we will start from the back and move to the front as always in the back here this is the grip very small handle here trying to have to run your pinky in underneath here to get into the trigger or just only grab it with three that seems to work nicely that all because of this guard down here and why it there it their design there probably wires that run through here I don know I haven cracked it open so other than that nothing else going on back here on this side there is your battery tray which accesses battery try you need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove these two screws and then you can go ahead and put your batteries in once you have done that now these batteries they are essential for the