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welcome back everyone this is Jeff from the overwatch team here with another developer update today we going to be talking all about season two now there a lot of information with season two so I not going to cover every single detail here but you can rest assured that we have more information not only in the patch notes but as we get closer to launch of season two and coming off of the PTR we have even more information available to you so let start with the things that I think matter the most you guys first off skill rating what we learned with season 1 was that not every aspect of skill rating felt really good to most players so one thing that we think we got wrong in season 1 is that we chose a scale of 1 to 100 to represent skill rating and this was wrong for a couple of reasons one of the reasons was that when you went up or down sometimes you went up or down a fraction of an amount and it wasn always clear to you how much you were going up or down or why you were going