The Witch Golf Course of Myrtle Beach


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when golfers imagine the perfect setting for a round of golf several things come to mind a challenging design natural surroundings a friendly staff and land made for golf this combination is rare few courses can claim such a distinction but the which is certainly qualified situated on a majestic wildlife preserve the which is known to lead visitors in awe of not only the extraordinary golf but the amazing surroundings as well a wealth of wildlife including alligators and rear waterfowl will keep you captivated no matter how your round is going beyond the scenery the which offers golfers the most underrated course in Myrtle Beach and a four and a half star design both distinctions bestowed upon the course by none other than Golf Digest the number one golf publication in America natural elevation changes a unique design and a treasure tract of earth will leave you spellbound and ready to play another 18 on the witch magical terrain discover the witch today at mystical golf calm you