Review of Jonathan Leger's Keyword Snatcher


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hi this is Scott Kurt and I wanted to show you a quick look at a Jonathan Lachaise a software application called keyword snatcher there it is it will only be available from June 21st to June 25th 2010 so take a quick look at this and don waste any time because you going to wanna grab it Jonathan makes the use of a feature of finding keywords in the search engines where they suggest a search term for instance gecko if I have a typing gecko I hit the spacebar I get 10 suggested keyword ideas and often times I get really good keyword ideas and the way these are ranked this is more popular search term than this there not a numerical value placed to them or on these words it is more of a just a positioning so we know that dokgo games gets more searches and a difficult act you can take those keywords into further research and find out exactly what kind of traffic they getting sometimes it not enough to even show up on sections but you know people are searching on these words because these are actual phrases that people type into the