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hey everybody this is Jeff again from the overwatch team really exciting update for today because we gonna talk about competitive play this is one of the top requested features from the community a lot of people were wondering are we gonna have something in buy launch well it very exciting for us to put the competitive play into the beta so we can start seeing it feeling it and getting your feedback so we want to give you kind of a broad overview of what it going to be like and then set you up set your expectations in the right direction because we gonna do some development on it now and test it in beta but we have further plans for it in the future to make it even cooler so here what you going to see in the beta immediately first off there will be now under the play section there will be a competitive play option next to the quick play option this option unlocks for you when you level 25 a lot of people are wondering you know how do we come up with level 25 and why is it there the thought was that