Quantum Matter Lecture 3


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welcome back before we get started I like to revise something that I said in the very first lecture I said that this should be roughly a 16 hour lecture series but after the first two lectures I noticed that I actually going slightly slower then I do when I lecture live so the lecture series might go a little bit longer than in 16 hours but don worry if you taking the course for credit the last few lectures are not examinable anyway so you probably not going to go beyond 16 hours of examinable material in any case okay so where we left off last time was with three questions that we want to answer in this way in this lecture the first is why should we have zero curl on the superfluid velocity field and we argued sort of phenomenologically why this might be a reasonable thing for zero dissipation list for a zero viscosity dissipation less fluid but we didn really derive it in any in any sense and we gonna try to do a little bit more of that derivation in this lecture um we also like to know why is it that this superfluid