Annie Get Your Gun with Jason Donovan Video Review Manchester Opera House


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hello everybody and welcome to word of mouth theater video reviews to help thread word of mouth about the beauty of magic to be found within like theater these reviews have been made to help create new and build an existing audiences for theater and to help spread the word of mouth for some of the fabulous Sheldon venues that are putting on some amazing experiences of entertainment for people not just nationally but globally in this episode we going to be talking about Annie Get Your Gun and this has been running at Manchester opera house from friday the 16th of May and it running until Saturday the twenty second of my 2014 this is a musical that has been running for almost 70 years now it originally opened on broadway on the sixteenth of may 1946 and it a nice coincidence that when the show at manchester opera house opened to going to preview this was on the sixteenth of may so great that that date has still been kept for this spectacular show and this is a show that has been a smashing Broadway smash it in the West End and been played all over the world