Developer Update | July 2019 Update | Overwatch


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What's up, everyone? This is Jeff from the Overwatch Team. We're here with a very quick Developer Update, but don't worry, there are more coming very, very soon. So, today I wanted to talk a little bit about our summer schedule. Now, a lot of you have tracked us over the years and followed what content we release when, and it's made it so you can kind of predict what's coming out when. I want to caution you that we're going to do some things differently this summer. For example, Summer Games, the event is coming back, but it's going to happen much sooner than it usually happens. You'll learn more about that soon, but we think you'll be pleased. You'll get Summer Games even sooner than you expect. That should be cool. There's another change happening in Summer Games that I also think is pretty awesome, and we think you'll really enjoy. So, as you know, we've been running some of these challenge events. We had Baptiste's Reunion Challenge that we ran. Well, for Summer Games, for each of the 3 weeks that the event is live, there will be a weekly mini challenge for each of the 3 weeks, where you will be able to unlock an Epic Skin.