Sony A6300 w/ Nikon 85mm F2.8 N PC Lens Tilt and Shift Effects Demo


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hello everybody in this video I will be doing a tilt and shift demonstration using a sony a6300 mic not microfiber mirrorless camera with aps c sensor a KNF concept Nikon lens adapter and a knight tongue 85 millimeter 2 8 in touch shift the lens and this is the lens that Nikon came out to replace the original my limiter children shift we added the any designation which means that it got the nice nano crystal coating on the lens elements to enhance contrast and further reduce chromatic aberrations this lens works okay with the sony a6300 why aren they okay is because is have a shutter that cannot be controlled it a electronic shutter or not necessary electronic but you can control the shutter by just rotating the dial because even when you rotate the dial the aperture doesn change and my adapter also was not able to change the aperture because the aperture was controlled by electronics so there is not a prong on back the chip shift lens it all by electronic contacts so if you don have a Nikon camera you won be able to control the apertures that burst a wide open at 2