Why are you Uncertain, Unfocused and Anxious? What should we do about it?


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In our fast paced modern world, most of us wouldn’t think of constraints as something to be happy about. Things in the past on the other hand, were much more concrete and constrained, you knew what you had to do, you could see your work. Cows needed to be milked, shoes needed cobbling, fields needed plowing. It was clear when you completed your work and there weren’t too many ways to do it. Nowadays, our work is fuzzy and doesn’t have clear edges. With a goal like 80% more sales, Should you hire more salespeople or improve the marketing strategy? Which part of the marketing strategy should you work on first? Do you have the best designer and AB testing strategy for your website? With an explosion of things that could be should be done comes a nagging sense of incompleteness. I’m betting it’s rare for people to finish the day and feel like everything is complete. In this video we’ll take a look at the consequences of this and the three concepts that help form a solution. Surely I can't be the only one who has this nagging feeling of uncertainty about my actions.