Google Flutter vs Swift, Java and Kotlin


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hey guys welcome to the vlog Swift it gonna crash now the Swift programming language is a very very good language in case you don know the Swift programming language was designed by Apple specifically for iOS development but they open sourced it meaning they let every nerd in the world work on Swift IBM looked at sedate is a cool language they ported it to of a server so you can run Swift on the server and create super fast web apps it still in its infancy so I wouldn jump on that but here the thing Swift is largely used today for iOS development developing native apps for iPhone iPad and also Mac OS but that really nice but most people these days don write native apps anymore most of the big companies from what I hearing it really all about hybrid apps whether it be react native or PhoneGap there other frameworks out there as well and the reason being is that people don want to write an app in iOS and Swift and then have to write the whole thing over again in Android having to maintain two code bases it just a disaster so I