Quantum Matter Lecture 9


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today we gonna continue on with our exploration of Ginsberg Landa theory driving a set of equations of motion and trying to learn some things about superconductivity from it we going to use quite a few results that we used even even previous lecture on Ginsberg lando theory or on earlier lectures where we studied London theory of superconductivity we going to piece together lots of different pieces and I will quote some of the results that we derived earlier if you don remember how these things were a drive to look back either to earlier lectures or in the notes I try to remind you a little bit where some of them come from so where we left off we had the Ginsberg Landau free energy which is a functional of sigh it integral over space 1 over 2m star I guess the kinetic term minus IH bar gradient minus e star a vector potential minus I squared and then there plus the potential it usually called the potential health of two sides squared plus alpha for sy four so the fourth power and then there also the electromagnetic term integral dr b squared over 2 mu plus e