Collaborative Robots and Industry 4.0 | Webinar


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hello and good morning to all I am through working at mix org as a project project manager so let me just introduce what does mixer do mixer is an 8 year-old market player in digital marketing web and mobile application design and development workshop hosting and ICT technology projects we have been paramount in the establishment and market penetration of the various public and maybe private brands like NDMA is a DG group etc currently we devote our energy in the prestigious European Union's ICT project formulating as an Indian local coordinator and communication expert it's a pleasure being here this morning I am your host and moderator of this webinar today we have we are very excited to have mr. Pradeep David who is the general manager Universal rowboats South Asia with us as a speaker hello sir hello we also have Shiva SH and miss Priyanka from NB q PQ CIE hello mama dosa fish so basically I will be quickly going through the agenda and theme of the webinar the theme of the webinar is cobots industry 4.0 jointly organized by mix awk UCI and n BUP if you're wondering what is Cocotte and just be just explain you are simple by a simple line a cohort or a collaborative robot is a robot in the indented to physically interact with the human in a shared workspace basically in this webinar we'll also get to know how Co bots will revolutionize industries of the future or maybe the present industries to make it more realistic pradeep will also show us a demo of the co board and and we can all learn how it can automate some of the tasks in our industries so quickly going through the agenda we will get to know our co-host NB q pn q c8 after that pradeep will share his knowledge inside about cobots following which we'll have a Q&A session where our expert pradeep will answer the questions about the co bots and Marta Simmons you are requested to send us the questions please do not wait to send us the questions why are the dialogue or the chat box that you can see so not wasting any time let me introduce our speaker of the webinar Pradeep is the general manager at Universal robots he is one of the strong pillars of the company responsible for setting up and running the operations of the Danish company in the South Asian market he's a qualified expert in robotics and industrial automation he has a master's in mechanical engineering robotics from Clemson University South Carolina USA and also completed his MBA in international business through collaborative robots he believes in the idea for humans and robots to in to be interdependent dependent and focus on what each of them does Mississippi so let me also introduce our co-host miss Priyanka she is an engineering graduate with total professional experience of about 12 years currently she's working in capacity of an assistant director in Quality Council of India with an bqp national board for quality promotion since last 3 3 4 years her current responsibilities include conducting capacity-building programs under national quality campaign which is one of the prime activities of the board she's also engaged in handling the annual quality of our schemes quality promotions to quality month's events for quality professionals over to you Priyanka you may now give the keynote yeah thanks drew for a nice introduction so a very good morning to all of you and I here represent National Board for quality promotion Quality Council of India QC is basically the FX body of quality and is designated by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as the national accreditation body of India so here in National Board for quality promotions which is our board which is solely dedicated for promoting the quality promotion in all the sectors we are basically most importantly we are focusing around conducting various capacity building program focusing on several industry relevant topics as you rightly said with the advent of industry 4.