Cleansing the Gates of Our Bloodlines by Jackie Hanselman


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we going to talk tonight about taking back the gates from our enemies the the scripture that I absolutely love that means so much to me is lift up your head Zoey gates and be lifted up you everlasting doors you ancient doors you aged abiding doors that the king of glory may come in who is the king of glory the Lord strong and mighty the Lord mighty in battle the Lord of Hosts is his name so the Lord is wanting to come into our gates now in Hebrew the definition of a gate is an entrance it can mean heaven it a door to a camp a city a palace and land and the way we going to be using it tonight it is into a family or into an individual it a forum where trials were held the trials were held in at the city gates it also where the citizens assembled and where government actions took place now in the dictionary it means a movable barrier for defending and opening a passageway a sliding barrier an obstacle a portico a portcullis now they portcullis is real important because on Sunday night I had a dream