Report on Loving Case 1967


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I say I think they learn who you want to is alright that no man should have anything for me it a god given right I think Mildred Loving married the boy next door Richard loving Richard loving is a construction worker Mildred loving the daughter of sharecropper they were born and raised in Caroline County Virginia where white and colored people seemed unaware of the racial prejudice that exists in much of the country the Lovings didn know that it was a crime for a white person to marry Negro in Virginia they found out the hard way but I didn realize how bad it was until we got married full of love themselves they didn expect to find hate in others their homes swarms with children their own three as well as neighborhood friends who enjoy the warmth here mrs loving recalls how the ordeal began one night in 1958 the night we were arrested I guess it was about 2 00 a m and I saw this light you know and I woke up and they listed policemen standing beside abate and he told us to get up he was under arrest you go ahead and play