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undercover economist the Sunday Times bestselling book written by tim harford and published in 2006 tim hartford was a journalist and editorial writer at financial times and was also a presenter of trust me I am an economist a popular talk show in BBC two in this book hereford text look at ordinary everyday activities through the eyes of an economist to us in using the investigative tools of the economies chapter one who pays for the coffee this chapter tells us why copy shops like Starbucks sell coffee at a fairly high plasma jeans especially in busy locations in the major cities such as Tokyo New York or London you know what the reason is the because of the power of scarcity scares location is behind in high price can you imagine why coffee shops like Starbucks stumptown coffee roasters an empty coffee and Costa Coffee sell coffee at a very high price margins especially in the busy locations like I poor railway or bus station the reason for high price is the higher end applied to them because the shop is located in the scarce prime attractive busy or business spot with standard monkey soft competitors in this