Until the Light Takes Us (Deleted Scenes)


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I don know I feel a certain atmosphere some inspiring atmosphere living in Norway not easy to explain it just the way mostly we didn feel like you stuck to Norway you know just love your country I definitely feel I dealing with tradition I don feel like it forget paneer we never went out did doctrine for other things some traditional I was jamming with some guys would call ourselves Black Death and it was awful like any other bands starting out it just awful I didn know how to play em you know very influenced by everything from Celtic Frost to cryptic slaughter which is basically like a california based soar whatever weird spastic hardcore act I kept like one member we just went on change the name to dark Jolin fall of 87 and things got more serious recorded first shitty Timmel tape like in early 88 mm hmm and then one guy then you called me up and said you need a guitar player and yeah sure we need a guitar player that was turn oculto the first meeting with Fenris we went very well yeah we came along and so you know I start play