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hi everyone I Jeff from the overwatch team welcome to today developer update this one is particularly exciting for me because we get to introduce you to uprising the new overwatch event which is now live so I want to talk a little bit about why we decided to make this event we listen to community feedback a lot we really care what you guys have to say and we seen all the enthusiasm for the previous events that we run like Halloween terror or winter wonderland and we seen a lot of desire for a non real world related holiday event so something that we came up with kind of out of the blue there also been a big desire in the community to hear more story behind overwatch and then add to that we got such a favorable response to junk ensigns revenge that people really enjoyed playing a little bit more PvE or fighting ai controlled enemies that there was a great convergence on the development team to create this event called uprising so a little history behind the event what we wanted to do was create something that allowed us to take any moment from overwatch