IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 Edition 35 Years Ocean 2000 Showcase Review


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Music readings i jim of golf burke and welcome to the world of IWC today i be your guide to the features of the IWC aqua timer automatic 2000 Edition 35 years ocean 2008 a Neum this is referenced 3 to 9 1 0 1 let start with the strap because this is where the ergonomic equation of any dive watch begins a traditional IWC satin finished titanium pin buckle makes for easy adjustability as does a natural vulcanized rubber bellows style diving strap now the advantage of the bellows is double flexibility yes but also the ability to aerate the wrist to allow moisture sweat grit and sand to escape during dives or simply during hot weather use the clever quick release system can be seen under lug on both sides a simple pull of the tab removes the strap for closer cleaning or to put the watch on a different accessory band no tools are required you need only your finger now now the timepiece is part of a limited series of 350 dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the series 3500 IWC porsche design ocean mm dive watches broadly used by diving professionals enthusiasts and military alike