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we come somewhere hot and humid and vividly beautiful this week were in cash the biggest island in the Persian Gulf when you first arrive is the sea that beckons first so to start our exploration we take to the water today wasn my lucky day but in the flesh wherever one experience evaded us another presented itself we didn see any dolphins today we were returning to shore a bit salon when look what we spotted Portuguese shipwrecks dating back to the 16th century can be seen along the shores of Hangang a tiny island not far from fresh that we will visit first as we set foot on Hangang shores I see signs of a people whose lies are greatly affected by the sea little reed huts where shells and other treasures of the deep are sold food is an important part of any trip so what for lunch we visit one of the locals for some spicy southern food being an island surrounded by ocean the people main occupation is fishing and so their main diet is fish as well it so hot outside and so cool inside that it hard to venture out but I on